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Minecraft Gifts!

Kind of. I realized that there wasn’t any very easy way to get minecraft with optifine without using forge, so I made one!

Magnet Link!

Click the link above to open the torrent for the file automatically.

To use it, simply extract it into a folder.

Navigate to %appdata% in another window

Find versions and place the extracted file whole into the folder.

You should then be able to go back to minecraft and create a new profile using the new jar files.



Server is on island survival now if anyone is interested!


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Server Information

Cargoratopia is currently an 18 slot server with 1GB of DDR3 RAM hosted by Prodigious Hosting almost flawlessly.

It is currently a vanilla, offline mode server with the intention of not staying vanilla, but that will of course be up to my user base.

Donations in upgrading the server are accepted.

If you would like to join, please fill out the contact form and I will get back to you shortly.

Minecraft user name is not required, but will make it easier for you to join.

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E3 Ramble

I can gracefully accept that I will never again get to breed Chao again. Sega does not love me enough. But it is okay. Game Freak does and has decided to give me something I never knew I wanted (needed). I will need to buy a 3DS shortly.

Also, while I’m rambling:
-This has been the most intense E3 since I have started paying attention.

Microsoft and the XBoner have both totally disappointed me and impressed me.
There is enough incentive to purchase one after the third price drop. I will have to play Crimson Dragon. I have waited for ten years for this. After I play that and anything else I get interested in ill either burn it or sell it. Provided I can sell it with their fucking crazy and draconian terms of service.

PS4 is obvious. Going to get one.

And the WiiU which I haven’t purchaed yet, I will have to. Sega still loves me enough to give me a new game in the form of Lost World, which looks fairly promising.

Looks as though I should get a new job.

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Sega Spectrum
What do you make of this?

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Microsoft States Xbox One Online and Used Reports are ‘Inaccurate’

Another Castle


As many of you may know, there has been much hype about the state of the Xbox One with Microsoft’s speculated decision to charge players for used games as well as to require an internet connection. Microsoft’s own Larry Hryb cleared that up a bit on his blog and promises more information in the “near future”.

Used games and trade-ins are important to many gamers and one of the only ways many of us can afford to play games at all. After Microsoft’s announcement of the Xbox One earlier this week people have been in quite an uproar over all of the mixed messages. Microsoft was very vague in this regard, causing people to think that Xbox One users would have to pay a fee, possibly retail price, for a previously owned title.

In response, Larry Hryb said in his blog:

“The ability to trade in and resell games…

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