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A Sincere Apology

I have not been paying attention to this blog as much as I should have. True, I have been very busy with work, but that is not an excuse. I do have free time, I just spend most of that doing idiot stuff like watching cartoons and playing video games. Which is awesome, but I could be doing cooler things, like running this site properly, or making those wooden rings I wanted to make or a multitude of other things. So, while boyfriend is out of school still, I am going to continue to goof off, but when August hits, I will get to (other) work too.

I know I have been very bad. I will post more. At least once a day.
In the meantime, if you just want to hang, the server is back up again. We were unexpectedly out for a day or two, but service is restored. I have 4 housing lots available right now. Let me know if you wanna join.

Maybe I’ll make a page for that actually.


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Legitimate Comparison

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$1 Books?

I have a veritible mountain of books. Most of them are duplicates of books I really enjoy reading. The rest of them are good books that I have no interest in reading.

So, I was thinking I’d package them up like this:

And ship them out for like a dollar (or shipping) to anyone that wants one (or several).
Lemme know in comment if you’d like to get in on this action. Send me like three words that interest you and I’ll do my best to find a book you’d wanna read.

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Working on some HTC EVO themes

Because I have one now and I hate all the themes. I will be rooting this baby.


Have a pretty pixel landscape for now. (960×800)

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Incoming Changes

Just a slight warning. I’ll be arranging the site a little bit a lot today. 

This will hopefully result in greater ease in finding things that you are interested in. I am not going into this arrangement with a plan however, so we are all in for a surprise.


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